Caption Contest 17: BIPH!

I struggled mightily with this here image, which is pretty doggone funny in the original. Should I use it as an awesome Daily Random Panel? Or pontificate on the beautiful onomontoPOWia of "BIPH"? But then I thought, why not give everyone a chance to share in its awesomosity in the form of a caption contest! So here's your chance to win your very own custom black and white illustration of whatever you like (within reason). Just come up with the funniest dialog to put in the balloon of this panel:


The rules are simple:

  1. Keep it relatively clean, appropriate for a prime time broadcast TV sitcom. I admit, that will be a challenge this week, but be strong.
  2. No more than 3 entries per person.
  3. Leave your entry in the comments to this post.

That's it! Good luck to everyone.

43 Responses to Caption Contest 17: BIPH!

  1. “Eggs… why did it have to be eggs?”

  2. Dude! Light a match!


  4. Ok sir… Um. We are done with the physical now. *cough*

  5. 1. “Liar! You said it smelt of strawberries!”

    2. “Try and relax while I work it free.”

    3. “No more balloon animals for you! Ever!”

  6. “Oh fiddlesticks. My inflate-a-date has sprung a leak.”

  7. 1.*Cough* Well I guess that’s what happened to my enchiladas…

    2.Woo! You ate all of that cheese didn’t you?

    3.*Cough* It’s dusty back here *Cough*


  9. Note to self… Never mix sleeping potion with milk, cheese and/or Jello pudding…

  10. dran, I knew I shoud have got the gareent on my inflate-o-man. CRUSE YOU INFLATE-A CO!! CRUSE YOU!!

  11. Man, you should take that act on the road!

  12. “…..Check please.”

  13. Red One to Base: The viral agent is loose!!!

  14. 1. That’s the last time I take you to Taco Bell!

    2. Somebody’s going to need a change his depends.

    3. New jacket – two hundred dollars. Dinner and wine for two – three hundred fifty dollars. Ripping a fart in a five-star restuarant – priceless.

  15. Well I think I’ve finally got the gerbil out Mr. Gere, but perhaps next time we won’t wait so long.

  16. Evil Spock strikes again!!!

  17. Rectum, damn near killed ’em.

  18. Seriously Erwin, I… I don’t think that counts as a super power. *cough*

  19. 1. Uh oh. He farted and he couldn’t stand the smell.
    2. Hey it’s Farting Man.
    3. How come your farts go “BIPH”?

  20. UGH!! my mouth was open

    “BIPH” !!?? is that the best you can do?

    What Kind of name is BIPH

  21. awwww dude! Why couldn’t you have waited untill we got outside!? thats sick!

  22. Look! It’s Biphy the she-slayer!

  23. “My, what is that fragerance your wearing Earth creature? It’s intoxicating.”

  24. “Yes, it’s true. I’ve been seeing Biph behind your back.”

  25. Oh thank God! He only biphed.

  26. Wait…Where’s my baby?! Your not my wife!

  27. I guess it was poisonous…oh well guess I need to find a new butler.

  28. What’s wrong? Wilson! WILSON!!!

  29. 1. I told him not to go for the hotdog/egg combo.

    2. So remember, kids…whoever wrote the “Beans, Beans” song should be shot. Many times.

    3.At least the writer had the decency to make it say “Biph” instead of “Poot.”

  30. Jeez, George! I told you to relax and let it all out, but not THAT WAY!

  31. I thought I warned you about the consequenses of over flatulating!

  32. Remember kids, this is what happens when you hold in your farts. The sudden release of all that pressure will kill you.

  33. Dude… Please… See a doctor…

  34. oh yea, it’s ‘beef’ alright.

  35. Please, have a look here:

    there is an origin for almost every one, and im quite satesfide with most of them. it’s not about the contest, just wanted to know what you thing.

  36. Now with the right vibrational frequency, I can get home to my own dimension.

  37. Your NOSE! I said breathe through your NOSE, Jerry!

  38. Avatar The Doomed Pixel

    1) …Excuse me.

    2) …And the acid kicks in…

    3) Geez, it was dark in there…

  39. Avatar Ballin' Boy

    1. Come on man, more gas. Our smoke signal needs to reach pretty high in order for the next village to see it.

    2. The road ahead is filled with danger and fright
    but push onward Lemmiwinks with all of your might.

    3. No way, you’ve got to be kidding me? Any three wishes?

    Man I just wish we had 1 or 2 entries more

  40. 1: Warn me next time!!!!!!

    2: Don’t light a match in here for 3 hours!!!!

    3:When in doubt, break out the fart in a can!!!

  41. Sir war veteran i am happy to say that your gasses is not caused by stomach problems…you just have a smoke grenade from 1943 in your rectum.

  42. After 10,000 years I’m free! It’s time to conquer Earth!