Caption Contest 15: Sploof!

Come up with the best caption for this random comic book panel and win your very own custom black and white illustration of whatever you like (within reason)!


Rule number 1 will be a challenge this week but I'm sure you all can pull it off. To recap, the rules are:

  1. Keep it clean -- submissions should be appropriate for a broadcast TV sitcom.
  2. No more than three entries per person.
  3. Leave your entry in the comments to this post.

Good luck everyone!

29 Responses to Caption Contest 15: Sploof!

  1. Avatar Ashton Thomas

    -Hey! Purple isn’t my color! I prefer the blacks and the whites, they make my eyes stand out…

    -Sorry Ma’am.

    -Gross! Next time warn me before you shoot a martian with your ray gun!


    -Hey, what the heck! I love Lucy my butt! I quit!

    -I’m sorry sweetie. The jar of Jam just slipped out of my hand.

  2. First baloon: “Cut! Cut! Cut! Damn it, Wally. He’s supposed to throw the WHOLE pie at my face. Not just the fruit filling at the back of my neck.”

    Second balloon: “What do you want, he’s a chimp.”


    *snort* sorry

  4. First balloon: “As you can see, Dr. Hye Jinks has squirted me with highly toxic, biohazzard goo. If you look closely, you can start to see my skin begin to bubble.”

    Second balloon: “That’s right folks. Now you can get an extreme makeover in your own take home bottle, if you act now.”

  5. First balloon:
    “Eaugh! What is that hideous stuff? Get it off of me!”

    Second balloon:
    “Sorry, ma’am. I think it’s called ‘purple’.”

  6. Lucille Look-a-like: What?!? You don’t like Vitameatavegamin?
    Off-Panel: *Barfing Noise*

  7. Balloon 1: Dammit, Pac-Man, I TOLD you about letting the purple ghosts out!

    Balloon 2: They were trying to eat me!

  8. “Ed, for goodness sake, control that thing!”

  9. “What the… I said I wanted a PBJ sandwich, where’s the damn peanut butter??”

    “Jelly on the top…”

  10. “Barney! How many times have I told you…”
    “Oboy oboy!”

  11. Avatar Ashton Thomas

    Oh my god. I laughed out loud at Rick’s!

  12. “Watch where you’re stomping those grapes!”

    “Uhh, there not grapes.”

  13. Girl: Erwin, are you sure the “Blueberry Pie Avenger” is the best super hero theme you can come up with?

    Off-panel: These are the ONLY powers the mutant pie gave me!

  14. I can only think of inappropriate entries. Sorry.

  15. Avatar HalLoweEn JacK

    Entry 1 (in recognition of I love lucy):
    Woman: RICARDO! When I said I wante dfruit on my head, I meant I wanted to play Carmen Miranda in your new show!

    Off panel: Trust-a-me baby, this is better for both of us!

    Entry 2 (in recognition of Mars Attacks and I love lucie)):
    Lucie: Ricardo! When you said you were an alien, I thought you meant ‘illegal’, not ‘martian’.

    Off panel: Please! Turn.. off… folk… music…

    Entry 3 (in recognition of toilet humour, which is pretty much the same as I lvoe lucie):
    Lucie: EEEWWWWW! RICARDO! For the last time, stop being cheap and just call a plumber!

    Off panel: Sorry baby! Purple, eh? What-a you bin cooking for me?

  16. Woman: This is what I get for volunteering on pudding day at the retirement home…

    Off-panel: Ha ha!

  17. Avatar The Mighty Fox

    “Quit messing with my black and white world!”

  18. B1: Oh my God! Ronald just shot Grimace!!

    B2: Mmm, McJelly?

  19. Balloon1: “Ewww, gross! I told you to leave those things alone.”

    Balloon2: “Sorry, but they were all out of Preperation-H.”

  20. 1- I told you I could squeeze your head like a grape.

    2- … ouch!

  21. First balloon: Papa Smurf, you always get too excited!
    Second balloon: I’m sorry.

  22. Avatar Joe Patterson

    Oh no! Jelly Man!

    Ha, take that, now you will be all sticky!

  23. 1stB- “Aaah, its the suicide Blackcurrants. WE’RE DOOMED!

    2ndB- “Go Go go”

  24. Caption 1 – “Jelly Baby, I said not in the microwave…”

    Caption 2 – “Ping!”

  25. Lucy: I hate working at Area 51. Bob always gets into trouble with these dissections.

    Off Panel: Help Me!

  26. B1:I told you you couldn’t drink 18 lbs. of grape juice without barfing..

    B2: Well *burp* At least it’s healthy for me

  27. B1:Well that’s one less McDonald Land cookie.

    B2:*Grimace dies*

  28. B1: I probably shouldn’t have married Barney if this is what was goin to happen after drinking all night.

    B2: *Barfs*

  29. 1. On screen: Oh god! I put the roast to bed and the baby in the oven!
    Off screen: LUCY! You got some ‘splainin to do!!!

    2.On: Now that blackberry pie didn’t turn out well at all.
    Of: LUCY! What do you have to say for yourself?