Caption Contest 11: Dammit Jim!

Come up with the best caption for this random comics panel and you'll win your very own custom black and white illustration of whatever you like (within reason) by professional artist Jeff Hebert!


Be sure to note which balloon gets which dialog in your entry. For example:

Spock-ish guy: Now that I've been taken over by Eclipso, I find your emotional outbursts highly amusing.
Kirk-ish guy1: Dammit Spock, you've got to snap out of it!
Kirk-ish guy2: And why isn't this Vulcan Nerve Pinch working?!
Spocki-ish guy: How can you have scored with that many females and yet still think that's my neck?

Note that the last balloon has an ambiguous pointer (not that there's anything wrong with that) and could be going to either character.

Anyway, as always, the rules are:

  1. No more than three entries per person;
  2. Keep it appropriate for a broadcast TV sitcom (i.e. no swearing);
  3. Leave your entry in the comments to this post.

Good luck everyone!

12 Responses to Caption Contest 11: Dammit Jim!

  1. Dan Burns says:

    Well it might not be PC but this is the first thing that hit me…

    1 – Sprock: “I found a disguise Captain, circa early 20th C Earth, Vaudeville.”

    2 – Capt. Krack: “Dimmit Sprock! When I said you’d need a disguise to blend in on the mission all I meant was to hide those ears!” (poke)

    3 – Capt. Krack: “Now go wash that off that Black Face and find a hat or something that covers your ears!” (poke)

    4 – Off Screen: (italics) “Captain, your pointy headed “ghost” sheet disguise is ready.”

  2. Dan Burns says:

    I should have proof read before posting, the line should be “…wash off that Black Face…” dropping the extra “that”, but I’m sure everybody else will have noticed that right away.

  3. Deadeas says:

    Pointed-ear 1: Sir, you know that wasn’t morally right…

    Cap: Ha! This’ll stop your ranting!

    Cap 2: Where’s than damn off button…

    Pointed-ear: I’m not a robot, you idiot…Unlike your girlfriend.

  4. Jester says:

    Top Bubble: Do you have problems with people poking your person?

    Second Bubble: *poke* Must… *poke* poke… *poke* pointy-eared *poke* dude… *poke*

    Third Bubble: WHY CAN’T I POKE YOU?!! *poke*

    Bottom Bubble: Because I’m wearing Prof. Pimble’s Poke-Proof Puff-Parka! Guaranteed to protect you from any pestering people who poke!

  5. Jester says:

    Pointy-Eared Guy #1: Dear pineapples, I wish I had a face!

    Pointy-Fingered Guy #1: Hey Buddy, you think you have problems? Look at this!

    Pointy-Fingered Guy #2: The idiot artist gave me two right hands! What do you think about that?!

    Pointy-Eared Guy #2: Hey, at least no one will ask you if you are left- or right-handed…

  6. Frankie says:

    Blonde guy1: “Hey Jerry, what’s up?”

    Black-haired guy1: “Don’t hey Jerry me. You’re wearing my favorite shirt again.”

    Black-haired guy2: “And what have you done with my buttons. I had one here, and here.”

    Blonde guy2: “First of all, this is my shirt. Second of all, this shirt doesn’t require any kind of fasteners to hold it on my person. It’s self adhesive. It’s called a cling-on.

  7. Coyote says:

    bubble 1:Greetings Captain i bleached my hair
    Bubble 2: you what “poke poke” you can not do that
    Bubble 3: there is a dress code you know
    Bubble 4: you are just worried ill get all the chicks now

  8. Coyote says:

    Guy 1: you called?
    Guy 2: “poke” whats with the creepy shadow ?
    guy 2:and the new abs spoke? “poke”
    Guy 1: hahaha! im spokes evil twin ! “who wrote this script i want out of this movie!!!”

  9. Coyote says:

    Guy 1 : nice costume Brucie old boy!!
    Guy 2 : you too who are you ?
    guy 2 : wait how did the joker get in to my trekie party?
    Guy 1 : oh Bat Freak the invite fell out of your utility belt

  10. Frankie says:

    Mr. Speck1: Captain, The crew is growing concerned about your recent behavior, what with all the screaming and poking and everything. I think you should see the doc.

    Captain Dirt1: “WHAT ARE YOU GETTING AT?!!! (poke, poke) MY BEHAVIOR IS PERFECTLY NORMAL!!! (poke) IT’S EVERYONE ELSE WHO HAS THE PROBLEM!!!! (pokety-poke)”


    Mr. Speck2: “Please stop. My pointed ears are very sensitive to loud noises, and that poking is annoying.”

  11. Al says:

    Spocky 1: Why are you poking me?

    Kirko 1: Because I feel like it! I love poking! It’s my favorite hobby! Poke POKE POKE!!!! I’m a Pokemon! Like Pikachu!

    Kirko 2: Pika pika pikachu!!! PIIKKKAAAACHHUUUUU!!!!

    Spocky: I’m going to walk away now…

  12. Xstacy says:

    Quinto: I dyed it so people wouldn’t confuse me with Sylar.

    Abrams: The fanboys are already hatin’ and you do this?!

    Abrams 2: You want this movie to fail, don’t you?! Don’t you!

    Quinto 2: Don’t have a heart attack, man, it’s just a wig.