Caption Contest 7: The Grapplers

It's time for your weekly chance to win your very own professional custom black and white illustration! All you have to do is come up with the best caption for this comic book panel:


Leave your entry in the comments below, noting which dialog balloon gets which line. For instance:

ThoughtBalloon: I knew Group Hug Day at the Barbarian Retreat was a bad idea ...

Good luck, and keep the great entries coming!

42 Responses to Caption Contest 7: The Grapplers

  1. Avatar The Big Sexy says:

    Green Guy: Oh well, at least I saved money by switching to Geico.

  2. Avatar Jester says:

    ThoughtBalloon: “Curses! I’ve been infected by the Jolly Green Hobos!!! …who, for future reference, are not so jolly…”

  3. Avatar Blacksheep says:

    well…sir we have some good news and some bad news.the good news is that you won a free cat,but the bad news the cat got shaved,now theres a hairless cat running the good news is that you got 75$ for it.the bad news is we droped in the fireplace and its now ashes.Well….. the good news is that i saved a hole bunch of money by switching to gieco!!!!!!!

  4. Avatar Blacksheep says:


  5. Avatar Spethyes says:

    greendude:WONDER WOMAN
    greendude:WHO ME!! REALLY…..PLEASE DON`T HUG ME!!!!

  6. Avatar Ashton Jakobson says:

    “When will these people learn that just because I’m in the greenbean commercials, it does not make me edible!”

  7. Avatar Ashton Jakobson says:

    “Alright, thats it! These environmentalists have gone too far this time!”

  8. Avatar Ashton Jakobson says:

    “Jeeze, everyone is staring at me, I knew I shouldn’t have taken a nap in that tanning bed!”

  9. Avatar John says:

    “Prison is not as much fun as they said it would be.”

  10. Avatar Dan Burns says:

    “Hulk look good but no like golden boys crowding him. HULK SMASH!”

    (somebody had to do the Hulk line πŸ˜‰ )

  11. Avatar Dan Burns says:

    And just because…

    “I sooo envy these guys and their golden hue.”

  12. Avatar Frankie says:

    Thought balloon: “Please, oh please stab me with that sword. I don’t think I’m going to like what the Green Gladiators have in store for me. Waaahhh!

  13. Avatar Frankie says:

    Thought balloon: “Oh crap! Why did I tell my drunken frat brothers that I’ve never been circumcised?….Mommy!”

  14. Avatar Rob Rogers says:

    “Kermit was right. It really isn’t easy being green.”

  15. Avatar Sean says:

    Unh.. too big!

  16. Avatar cybersavant says:

    Billy Ray: ‘When they advertised Mud Wrestling Championship, this is NOT what i had in mind!’

  17. Avatar Count Libido says:

    Boy I sure hope it’s that guy’s sword I can feel back there…

  18. Avatar Blacksheep says:

    guys i yold you a millon times im not Michle Jackson!!!!
    really[the greeen dude gets kicked in the balls]owwwww!!
    [greendude made a michle jackson noise]ok, maybe i am…………………..

  19. Avatar Alea Mori says:

    greenman:tralalalalalalalalal!!oh look the last Moutian Dew Code Red!!!
    agolddude:nooooo!!! everybody attack!!!!
    to be couintinue…

  20. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    Just to be clear here, you only get to fill in dialog for the number of balloons there are in the panel. In this case, there’s only the one thought balloon …

  21. Avatar John D says:

    This wasn’t in the training…but, I like tight butts and I cannot lie!!!!

  22. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    Another reminder, please keep the entries appropriate for a broadcast TV sitcom, please.

  23. Avatar Jason says:

    Green man’s thought: Note to self: use the gold skin paint tomorrow, not green.

  24. Avatar Chris L. says:

    “This isn’t like the Axe commercials at all!!”

  25. Avatar DAn says:

    Dewd: Ok, this is beyond a joke. get off or-or i swear i’m gonna grit my shiny teeth. Don’t touch my girly hair! AGH!

  26. Avatar Jake F. says:

    Green dude: I..I promise President Bush told me I could push the big green button. Who knew nuclear fallout turns people green.

  27. Avatar Jason Thomas says:

    Balloon: Leave me alone. I don’t have an asparagus problem!

  28. Avatar LiveWyre14 says:

    Green Guy: Go to the Emerald City they said. See the wizard they said. Damn munchkins…

  29. Avatar The Imp says:


    “Dear God, make me a bird, so I can fly far, far away…”

  30. Avatar Loki says:

    waen I siad grop hug I didn’t mean everyone in the room!

  31. Avatar Kaiju says:

    Green GuY: Man that febreeze doesent smell THAT good…Does it?

  32. Avatar Troggy says:

    Thought Balloon: Dammit, these Comic-Con purists are brutal! I should have put more thought into my Hulk costume, and *why* in God’s name did I call the character “David” Banner??

  33. Avatar AJ says:

    AAAAHHHH Help!! Lepers!

  34. Avatar Lin says:

    How’s a guy supposed to get his daily dose of sunlight to stay nice and green when the beach is always this crowded

  35. Avatar Kitsunesama says:

    ThoughtBalloon: Grandpa’s Idea about a life insurance doesn’t look like a bad idea now.

  36. Avatar Cameron Malcher says:

    Damn these L.A. cops! A traffic violation doesn’t deserve this!

  37. Avatar Cameron Malcher says:

    Oops – to correct the previous entry;

    Thoughtbaloon:Damn these L.A. cops! A traffic violation doesn’t deserve this!

  38. Avatar Cameron Malcher says:

    Thoughtballoon: Why’s he got a camera..? Oh this better not end up on YouTube!

  39. Avatar JudasFm says:

    Thought balloon: Barbarian repellent my keister!

  40. Avatar Frankie says:

    Thought balloon: ” ‘Just tell them you’re Brittany Spears’ newest husband.’ he said. Now I’ll never get into this club.”

  41. Avatar Silver Streak says:

    Apparently the hulk set a trend that every one wants

  42. Avatar Cameron Malcher says:

    Thoughtballoon: THIS is the LYNX effect?!?