Free blank figure templates

Maybe you want to see the character you've designed in a pose unavailable in the HeroMachine. Maybe you want to try freehanding your own illustration, but you're not very good at drawing the basic figure. To help you out, I've created the following "blank" figure drawings for you to use as a base for your own designs. These are all copyright-free, you're welcome to use them however you like without attribution. Just right-click on the template you want, and choose "Save As ..." or "Save Image As ..." to put it on your hard drive. Once you have it, load it into an image editor like Photoshop or MS Paint and start customizing it. You can also click on each image to load it full-size in its own window to see it without pixelation. Good luck!

Free blank super-hero clipart 1

Free blank super-hero clipart 2

Free blank super-hero clipart 3

Free blank super-hero clipart 4

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