For whom the poll tolls …

One of the features I'm most excited about with the new site is the "poll" module in the right hand column. The current question involves matters nearest and dearest to my heart -- what do you want to see me and UGO spending our time on with the HeroMachine? I'm working on it full-time right now, so the possibilities are wide open. When you get a chance, register your preferences so I'll know what it is I ought to be doing!

5 Responses to For whom the poll tolls …

  1. Mike says:

    you just basically need LOTS of new items especially guns and weapons

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    On the way, Mike. I’ve got a lot of new guns (and shields and lots more) in a set of items to be (hopefully) released in the next couple of weeks for the three bodies already covered in the Expansion.

  3. ruben says:

    I have an own idee two but I dont know how to send it to the designers

    I would give u sertainly a tip to keep the items u can use already

    but you maybe kan make an special animal
    like horses dragons and …

    other stands of the body
    and sertainly more items

    I have some questions I cant save my designs how can i do that

  4. Erica says:

    I have noticed that while you have some cool new positions for females, all the clothes only fit one position: strait on, which makes for a very boring picture. Can you please make some clothes that fit all the body forms you have.

  5. captperv says:

    an undo button would be great