The Future (and Present) of HeroMachine Survey

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  1. skybandit says:

    Glad things are going well for you.


  2. Griffin says:

    I’ve been a fan of HeroMachine since 2000 or 2001 when I first discovered it. I have no idea what I may have been looking for back when I found it, but I’m really glad I did. Morale was waning where I was working at the time and throwing together a group picture of everyone at work as a superhero team (using HeroMachine 1 and a copy of Paint Shop Pro to merge them all into one image) put everyone in a much better mood. After that I used it to make character pictures for a superhero tabletop RPG that I was running. I remember sending you a check for $20 to show my support (and for that awesome CD of the HeroMachine 2 Beta) and it has really helped me out when I was feeling too lazy or didn’t have enough time to draw the characters myself. Since then, I have come back to HM many times to work on character ideas or just to kill time.

    Dude, seriously… HeroMachine Rocks!


  3. dblade says:

    Done! I hope Heromachine keeps getting bigger.


  4. Ronald S. Dwan says:

    I love Heromachine. I have created hundreds of Heroes and villains and from those ideas are now working on concepts for 4 web comics. I love all the versions of HM but I do think there are some cool things missing from 3 that the first 2 had. In 2 you had preset alternate bodies that looked like stone, ice, wood etc. That would be cool to carry over to HM 3. I am however happy with everything else and waiting to see what is next.


  5. DiCicatriz says:

    Done! Hope it helps out and HM continues to grow. 😀


  6. I would very much like a non-Flash version of HM. There are plenty of Flash workarounds in Linux-based systems like I use, but for some reason, HeroMachine is pretty much nonfunctional for me now, no matter which browser I use (Firefox, Chrome, Chromium). I have to use a Windows machine to get anything accomplished with it.


  7. Logan says:

    An iPad app would be brilliant, a zoom function, a full screen/full image view, one-click save text string to a designated folder or Dropbox, a Photoshop style colour palette.


  8. Scorp says:

    All filled in. Great to hear things are working out for you Jeff.



  9. CantDraw says:

    I’m looking forward to what the future has in store.


  10. Herr D says:

    I think the only feature I would want added would be nearly impossible. I’d like to see the item lists customizable. In that way, if the moderators approved an item, items could be shared or passed around from outside–imagine if hm could import ANY clip art or custom work. You’d make every other graphics program obsolete.


  11. prswirve says:

    I can see Herr-D’s idea is much similar to mine. I’d like heromachine basically as a coloring tool, where i can upload my own line work and color it with Heromachine, if that’s possible. 🙂


  12. D says:

    @ Ronald: You can find alternate bodies by going to Body – Male Alternate.

    @ Ian: I now use HM3 in Google Chrome on my PC and I have no problems with it, even more so since I started using Incognito Mode, which means no more ads in annoying places! I used to use IE, and it was fine until recently, when the Flash started playing up. I also occasionally use HM3 on my iMac.

    @ Logan: HM3 allows you to save text strings (I tend to save mine in Word Pad). It also has full screen, head shot and widescreen views, plus a grid to help you line things up.

    My first choice was more items; I’d love to see some female tech gear.


  13. Sean Murphy says:

    I’ll be honest, I haven’t mastered HeroMachine 3. I’ve barely used it. But originally, HeroMachine allowed me to get pictures of my characters online when I had no scanner, and I have retained a huge sentimental attachment to it, even after I was able to scan my own character portraits. Now, I sit back in stunned amazement at what others are doing with HeroMachine, and silently cheer. I hope to get to do so for a long long time, and I am glad your hard work is starting to pay off finally, Jeff.


  14. CKnap says:

    Glad too see things are picking up Jeff! Iv decided I need to get back on the horse again, hope to see more great things to come.


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