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If you're looking for a great, one-of-a-kind gift, HeroMachine creator and professional illustrator Jeff Hebert can help with a hand-drawn, completely customized drawing of any character you like. From your favorite D&D warrior to the main character of your novel to even your beloved family pet, you can get a full color personalized illustration to your exact specifications. Each gorgeous, hand-crafted digital illustration will be emailed to you at maximum resolution and in any size.

Your Dog or Cat as a Superhero

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Along with his wife Annie, Jeff is the guardian of a menagerie of his own (five dogs, two horses, six donkeys, and countint) so he knows how important these family members are. Immortalize your best friend(s) today. At just $50, this is truly a gift you will cherish for years to come. After you complete the PayPal checkout (you do not need a PayPal account, any credit card will do), you will receive an email request for you to mail your pet's photo to Jeff and the project can commence. It will be less than two weeks before you have a high-quality, completely customized, totally awesome drawing of your pet as a super-hero!

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