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    K, so I figured out her alternative version. She turns into huge tan-ish tiger with green stripes and green tinted fur. By huge, I mean about she stands about 4 and half feet tall at the shoulder (while on all fours), so not “huge”, just big.


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    Okay, one character left. I really don’t know quite what doing with this one. I like the look and I have few ideas of where I’m going but it’s still pretty fuzzy. I think I’m going with an animal tranformation type deal. IDK

    Anyway, she’s the last character and she’s complete, so her’s another unnamed character from the Airship Team.


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    Here are the pics for the Armored version.




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    Righty, so next up we’ve got this guy.

    To start: He is a dwarf, and stands about 4’5″. He is a bulky, thick, and durable fellow. That said, he’s friendly, kind, and almost jovial at times. He enjoys helping people, be it through combat or not. He’s deeply religious (I’m thinking he was formerly a monk of some sort, but not such a pacifist). He just like to make people happy and see those who argue over petty things get along. He’s quite a comfortable person to be around and talk too.

    In battle though he is somewhat like a samurai; zen like, but ferocious, specific in his actions taking down enemies in a limit numbers of blows.


    This is the casual version. I’m working on the armored version and will post either later tonight or tomorrow.

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    Sorry it took longer than expected, not really sure why.
    (Almost done posting these guys, there are 2 more).

    First off; she’s NOT an ELF (I honestly have no idea what race to make her. She likely will end up being an elf, but until then I’m going to say she isn’t because I like coming up with my own things).

    She’s quiet, stern and more sombre than most other members, not a total sourpuss, just a bit more reserved than the others when it comes to her emotions. She spends the most time alone or away from the group. Perhaps the most neutral/level headed member.

    She carries a sword on her side and lengthy dagger on her shoulder. Depending on the fight, she may use both of these at once instead of her sword and shield. As far as fighting style, she is slowed a bit by her armor, and as such fights with a bit more “blunt” quality. It’s sort of fast flowing meeting in the middle with hard hitting, often using her shield as weapon by itself. I imagine (thus far) that at first she wears only the armor in battle, but dons the cloak once a certain element of her past comes to light (I actually know the secret and I’m saving it for a later post).

    Like I said, I have a couple surprises in store (some more severe than others), but I’ll tell you about those in later posts.



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    Hello my fellow mellow Jel-Os (chuckle) I’m just about to actually figure out what the heck to write for a description of that elf-like character I posted recently. In the mean time I thought I might put up this newer version of the Sword Girl.

    First the original

    Now the newer version (I know there aren’t a lot of changes).

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    So, I haven’t finished the description of my latest female character yet, so, sorry about that. But in the mean time I though I help out some folks by post a kind of tutorial for modifying pre-made faces. I know I’m not exactly the most qualified guy (my stuff isn’t that elaborate) but I figured what the heck? It might be of use to someone so, here it is (If you have any questions, or I left out a piece somewhere please let know).

    Hope this was of some help to someone.
    – Peace out.

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    Okya, so: I decided that since I’m already up and and there are a 2 other pics for this character I’m going to post the ‘casual’ design now, and then post the description tomorrow with the armored versions. So, her she is:


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    I haven’t finished coming up with her description yet, but I though I’d post a rather humorous .gif for the next character in my Airship Team set.

    I was toying around with hair lengths and, well, this was the result. I’ll probably post the real thing with a description tomorrow.

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    Killing time, thought I’d post another silly creation.
    His name is Wazupius, he’s a bumbling, mismatched, alien hero with mystical powers.

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    So, today I’m going to try to finish posting the characters in My Airship Team. And once again, I’m sorry for having so little info. Once I figure It all out I promise I’ll post something on it.

    Okay, so first up today we have the Old Man. He’s sort of the leader of the team, and Captain/Owner of the airship. Though he physically resembles a man in his 70s and handles himself in battle like a man in his 20s, one actually knows how old he is. He has never actually given a a number, but it is commonly excepted that he is likely well upwards of 100 years.

    By nature he is a kind spirited old gentleman, with both an grandfather-like wisdom but also a lighthearted vigor and thirst for adventure. At times he has trouble balancing feeling like both a young man and an old one, often resulting in avoidance of becoming to emotionally involved as he knows that he can likely never be more that a father figure (and usually concludes it would be better that way). This secret sense of being “off balance” has created complications on several occasions in regards to romantic relationships (though not with any members of the Team itself.) He is capable of a loud, commanding voice, but is normally soft spoken, thinking in his head and only saying what he means. He’s capable of being both outgoing and compassionate, but also serious, intense, and even threatening when the moment calls for it.

    He typically caries a cane with him when dressing causally, but when fighting he dons a dark helmet adorned with red wings and mid-length metal rod with red caps on either end. This he wields skillfully as a blunt instrument, but it is also capable of being wield like a firearm, with can shoot blasts of reddish energy from one end.


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    @JDJ2508 said:

    Woah how did you get the sword to glow around the edges it is amazing

    Hope this helps:

    1. Color your sword.

    2. Go into either “ItemRight, Energy” or “Backgrounds, Shapes”.

    3. In backgrounds, shapes it’s either of the two faded circles on the last page, In itemright, energy just about anything will do, just experiment with the look.

    4. Place/shape so that the part comfortably covers the majority of the blade. You can get bigger sizes if manually type numbers in the scaler.

    5. Color the part using a similar color scheme to the swords blade. Consider changing the line color as well.

    6. Fade the colors. You should see a slider in the top right hand corner of the color picker, use this to fade the color you have selected (i.e. Prime Color, Secondary Color, Line Color). This will require some experimentation to fine tune, but that should be all you need. Toy around with varying combinations of color brightness, what colors you fade more, and how much you fade you make it.

    It seems a bit tedious, but it’s not.

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    So, today I’m uploading two characters, (bith members of the Airship Team) and no; I still haven’t come up with a names.

    First off, we have this fellow (I added the arrows just for fun).

    The physically strongest member of the group, his skin is incredibly tough (hence the a major slack in armor). He very rarely uses weapons (only because they are to small for him usefully wield, as he stand about 8’6″ tall). He’s a sort of “guns blazing”, tough-talking, “shoot first ask questions later” type off guy, but ultimately motivated by a sense of justice, which (along with his more level headed team members) balances out his rather aggressive and competitive nature.

    Here’s an alternative with a chest plate, used only for “special occasions”.

    And secondly:

    If either of these two were the type to get serious, they’d be in a relationship. She’s pretty much like him, which is why they like each other, but always butt heads. Her swords are perhaps the most advanced tech of the world, unlike many other advanced/powerful weapons it is not magical in nature. When not in use, the sword looks like it is made of glass (though it is actually made of a much tougher material), but when turned on, the blade “fill up” with what resembles static electricity stacking up on itself until the blade glows solid blue. They are hot to the touch and by their nature do not get dull. She is in her 20’s and (as stated) is very much like the above character in nature. The two have on an on-again-off-again physical relationship, but beyond that the two mostly bicker with each other.

    (She was the first character I made for this world, and she is kinda outdated. I intend to, maybe, go back and rebuild her now that I’m a bit than I was at the time. I don’t know, we’ll see).

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    This character is also from The Air Ship Team, sadly that’s all I’ve thought up so far. I edit this post once I figure out more about her (e.g. her name and background.) I know she technically does stuff pertaining to maintenance or the ship and the engines. But she also has great fighting skill. She is fast and agile, bouncing from one thing to another. She is like that in life; talks fast, sprightly, always eager and friendly.

    (Don’t ask about why she has 2 helmets, I don’t really know.)

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    This metalloid being comes from a race with no names, but to his friends he is known by “Silver”. He and and his fellow team members travel their strange world in a huge airship, fighting monsters, demons, and other fantastical villains. He is almost 70 years old, though his race can live to between 200 – 250 years, so he technically quite young.

    This is his standard appearance (standing just a few inches over 7 feet tall), and in this form his abilities are simple; great strength, great speed (and the ability to sustain that speed for long periods), and advanced agility (he is also learned in one of his peoples forms of martial arts). He is also capable of reaching out with his mind and detecting other living things and within short distances and determine whether their intentions are good or evil. He usually very quiet and zen-like with has a deep love and respect for trees, and though a he experiences emotions as deeply as most sentient beings, his race very rarely expresses those emotions, or allows themselves to make incorrect decisions based on said emotion.


    However, often during moments of intensity (emotionally, during battle or the like) he will transform into a more severe being due to a strange mutation he possesses. His eyes will glow red, and his metal-like skin will turn black and grow spikes. His entire body emanates a hot, reddish glow, and his eyes and hands burst into red flames. Three gill-like vents open on either side of his neck and from these jet excess heat and fire.


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