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Herr D

This Island’s YOUR Land: Chapter 5

Adams stopped laughing, and, drying his eyes, said, “Are you SERIOUS?! They BOUGHT that? Huh.”
Jones grinned, “Their boy, Rocky or whatever, was only too grateful that we had ‘seen that effect before and had some eyedrops developed by Helgrun himself.’ He didn’t even remember the headaches. M-A-B paid for a bomb disposal robot to put in the eyedrops. Where is Athena Springs?” [pic]
“–headed back to infiltrate some more Al-Qaeda cells, apparently. She left a note saying that and that Mr. E has two brains.”
“Two brains.”
“Yeah, Jones. She can’t kill the guilty one without killing the innocent one.”
“Two BRAINS?!”
“Yeah, the split personality defense just got trumped. Now we got a split person. The neurologist is checking it out. Still no word on how she got to the island. Seeya Jones, I’m taking a long weekend.”
Jones shook his head, walked into the restroom, and looked around quietly. He looked into the mirror. “Your retirement is acceptable; your continuing work is approved. Just don’t give me any sign you’ve left. You know I took aspirin today. I don’t know who you are and neither does anyone else. I’ve killed too, but it was for this great country that I love. I ask that if you do continue your work that you watchdog, us, here, at the NSA first. Make sure our own motives stay pure enough. You don’t have to kill us, just get us caught. I know you can figure out how while you’re just a stray thought moving around in our memories. Contact me for any help you need.” He walked out of the restroom.

The End [pics]