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Herr D

This Island’s YOUR Land: Chapter 2

Pete shook himself awake. He tried to sit up and noticed the restraints. “Wha–“
A monitor blinked on in front of him. The screen said, “Hello. Speak normally.”
“How did I get here?”
The screen changed to read: “You landed on my submarine. We had to drop some cargo and go back for it later. You are remarkably heavy in that form. You have been unconscious till now.” A pair of black tentacles reached through the curtain and began undoing his restraints.
“So I’m still on the island. Who are you and why are you letting me go?”
The screen changed again. “I am Dr. Jens Tyrol Helgrun. I am making you an offer. There is plenty of food and water on this island for you. I will have my staff prepare some for you whenever you like. We only ask one thing in return. You will live on the beach, weather permitting. You will sleep where we say and walk the shore of the island for at least two hours every day. You will see me personally once a day.” The tentacles withdrew. [pic]
The screen showed: “Because if you hurt no more of us, none of us will hurt you.”
“I don’t remember hurting many of you. What, did I put a hole in your sub?”
The screen showed: “It isn’t watertight–we were only transporting marine and amphibious creatures. Never mind–that’s the offer.”
“Like a human shield.”
The screen showed: “You’re not big enough to cover the whole island. But you will be our most visible hostage. You can’t leave, and an airstrike on the island would kill you. I’m merely assuring that anyone who attacks will do something small and precise. I care a great deal about the ocean. I understand that you probably won’t promise not to turn on us, but at least you could wait for your friends to attack us or attempt to rescue you.”
Pete nodded, and, flabbergasted, got up and walked out to the beach. The very next day, a Tuesday, he watched Dr. Helgrun explode.