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Herr D

[continuation of Chapter 4]

April 12th: Ng Building Fire. Police and emergency services have refused comment multiple times. 911 dispatched fire, local cops, ambulance to scene at 9pm. The entire top floor burned. Sources in construction industry say elevator shafts and stairwells were boarded up at that level. No one has been seen dining on the roof patio and no lights have been seen shining from that level since. Footage from witness phone shows human-shaped figure floating outside, kicking in top-floor windows, darting in and out as fire starts. No one but witness will comment about what was seen. Pic #5. Follow-up with hospital has no patients likely logged in from fire. (No one seen being put in ambulance and no coroner’s wagon showed either. No patients? Refusal of treatment? Mr. Ng was wearing no bandages the next day and did not sound hoarse during speech. Same for known associates.) No comment from known insurers of Ng property. YM managed to enhance one good still.

Jennifer shook her head. Mr. Ng is well-hated. Everyone knows that. His business deals prevented that other clinic from being built . . . but we don’t know anything about what happened? She rubbed her temples. I hope I’m not getting a headache. She read on.

April 25th: Three different security cameras captured images of hazy figure gesturing violently at windows of the home of David Crowe. The figure did not seem to touch the windows, but the windows were breaking. Vandalism occurred between 9:15-9:30pm. A downed power line caused enough damage / confusion that the time could not be ascertained closer. No one was home and no one heard what was happening. Damages were over ten thousand dollars. Claims have been filed. There is a one thousand dollar reward still being offered for information positively identifying the responsible party or parties by Mr. Simon Crowe at Backington Productions. YM managed to enhance one good still.

Jennifer smiled. She gave me a birthday present, whoever she was. It doesn’t make up for Davy-boy cutting my schedule down that week, but it helped. She closed her eyes. What would it have been like, to have been there to watch? Mmmmh. Loud moaning sounds of gusting wind, cozy warmth almost too hot. CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! Yikes! Did I just doze off? Jennifer glanced around. Young Mike was shaking his head at Tia’s entry, ‘Dixie Pixie,’ and Nathan was explaining to Po that he thought grainy pictures were cool-looking. Shelley looked up.
“Did you have a question?”
Nobody saw, thank the Lord. “I doubt it’s important, but how many windows at the Crowe home?”
“Sixteen.” Shelley shrugged. “I think he got a deal on having them replaced.”
Jennifer nodded. I’ve never been there. I must have heard them talking before. How ELSE would I know there were sixteen?

Pic #5
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