Re: Zephyr


Herr D

Chapter 4: The Skinny On The Unknown

Shelley rapidly motioned Tia to sit down. Shelley then pulled her ‘extra’ dessert box out of her bag without anyone noticing but Jennifer and trotted up to the table where Jennifer and Young Mike sat. “May I borrow your pen?” she said to Jennifer.
Shelley took the pen and pulled out a small notebook and a few photos. “If you’re really going to look at these names, why don’t you look at my rough draft to give you a sense of how accurate they are?” She looked significantly at Jennifer, pen poised.
Young Mike looked up from copying the list. He took the notebook and photos. “Neat! Pre-broken news.”
Jennifer peeked into the dessert box. Peanut butter pie?! Yecch! She shook her head. Shelley pursed her lips, then mouthed the words ‘Chocolate Pecan Pie.’ Jennifer nodded. Shelley took the pen to Tia’s table, wrote ‘Jennifer Duke’ on her own dessert box and swapped them. She opened the box just a bit and held it open as she walked past Jennifer. Jennifer nodded.
“Let me see that too,” she said to Young Mike. If I’m gonna proof this and have it to them by two, I should see it now.
He turned it her way. She tuned out Young Mike asking the others questions to read it. Alternately in Shelley’s and Tia’s writing it read:
Tia to practice WWWWW. I’ll add notes. 1. No name as yet. Not apparently a person–strange phenomenon. Two detectives baffled–source check? Yes. Yes. Yes.
2. Some pranks, some funny some vicious. See summary next page.
3. 1rst instance March 17th. Various instances in growing frequency through ‘verified’ May 9th, continuing. More specific
Usually in dim light just before dawn. Some early afternoon (2pm-ish) more often as closer to dusk. Very few in full dark and none in morning after full sun (9am-ish) ? Not morning person?
4. Centering on Backington’s ‘Chinatown’ but some incidents reported to Backington’s southern edge. All Washington Street and Main Street. Blue bus line? Does match the map.
5. No understandable motive. Avoid talking about it.

Oh, great, a complete rewrite from notes. Should’ve held out for more than one dessert.
Jennifer turned the page to look at the summary of incidents, barely breathing, just chewing and reading. It continued much like the previous page, but in neater handwriting:

[Continued next block]