Re: Zephyr


Herr D
[Chapter 12 continues]

It took twelve in all. Jennifer opened packages of deodorizers as Tony and Mike duct-taped garbage bags into a makeshift sluice-way from the tile section to the drain and placed the buckets. Mike stacked up two tables to elevate the extension cord for the drill, plugged everything in, and double-checked sight-lines for the camera while Jennifer, from her chair, helped duct-tape two aprons and six garbage bags over Tony. Then Tony stepped onto the rubber mat, poked the drill through the placemat, and began drilling as Mike hung deodorizers on the screens. Sure enough, the mortar dust from the drill stopped abruptly as an ugly gray-brown stream of water started spraying Tony.
“WaHA!” he shouted. Mike handed him a bucket, which filled very quickly. Mike rolled the buckets to the drain and carefully poured them down, walking back and forth to swap them. When the water slowed to a drip, Tony drilled two more holes an inch from the first and pounded a crowbar between the tiles with the heavy mallet. He took off the makeshift splash shield, wiped his hands, and helped Mike up to stand on the crowbar. Mike carefully hopped twice and fell on Tony as most of the tile section collapsed, breaking into five large pieces. They fell in a heap on the floor. Laughing, Tony heaved Mike to his feet and struggled up. He pulled a flashlight from the toolkit and shone it through the hole in the wall.