Re: Zephyr


Herr D

Chapter 2: Enter The Draggin’ Engineer

At five minutes to noon, Po shuffled out from behind the main set, grumbling. Jennifer looked up. Is something COMPLETELY unfixable, Po? “Hi, Po. You okay?”
Po startled. “Hmp. Need two part.”
“PartSSS,” she hissed, smiling.
He smiled back. “PartSSS.” He has–at least half of his teeth.
“Good.” He must have been really cute back in the stone age.
He smiled again. “Pl-urrallSS are harder.”
OMG! “I didn’t know you were that quick, Po.”
“Have to be quick to figure out THIS junk.” Yeah. Got to be a scavenger to work for the Crowes! She nodded. “What you workin–What ARE you working on now, Jennifer?”
“I had this thought. When I put our logo on our footage to be sent out, I have to trim it so that it doesn’t look like it’s just pasted over important footage, right?”
“So I’m finishing a translucent image that can be put on the footage. You should be able to see right through it, but know it’s there. See?” She pointed.
“What that one?”
“What IS that one?”
“Yes. What is that one.”
“That’s the original image of the fountain mid-cycle. I looked at it, but I can’t make it translucent enough. So I’m using the logo itself and just generating a translucent version.”
“Real water always more pretty.” Po reached out, took the mouse, copied the image to yet another box on the screen.
“Wha–” Rude. What’s got him so excited?
“Important part of phi-llosss-ophy. Everything contains opposite. Light you see is darkness inside, darkness you see is light inside.” What is he– He opened the proprietary graphics program and clicked and rolled the mouse so rapidly she couldn’t follow it. “Water is element. It is pure and so we see good and bad clearer.” The image in Po’s box looked completely blank. Then he pulled down a menu and clicked ‘delete original image.’ Suddenly the negative of the image appeared.
WHAT?! “What was that?”
“If image already prepared, a negative over it can cancel it. This program neat that way. Young Mike teach me this.”
Mike? He can use this? “Huh. Neat. Pity it would be so big of a file. That’s a neat idea, Po, but that would only be good for a few frames. It would overload our server to send doubled footage.”
Po nodded. “Many ideas are only good once.” And shuffled over to the freight elevator, got on, headed down.