Re: Zephyr


Herr D
[Chapter 12 continues]

The waiter paused, then nodded and scurried out. Mike had screens blocking off a fourth of the dining room and a camcorder set up on a tripod before the waiter could leave the room. Tony kicked the downed chair a few feet and went down on one knee as Mike began moving tables from between the camera and the tile section on the right. Tony cut a large triangle out of the carpet and peeled it up to reveal an old drain. Mike was finishing testing the camera when the waiter returned. He wheeled in two mop buckets lined with garbage bags and nearly filled with the supplies. He wheeled them up to the screen beside Jennifer and looked up at her.
Do I LOOK like I know what to do with all that? Jennifer leaned past the line of screens. “Mr. Machiavelli? The waiter just brought the supplies you asked for.”
“Henri? Did you find everything?”
“Yes sir.”
“Add duct tape to the list of supplies to buy anna mark it ‘urgent.’ I’m gonna be out in about five minutes.”
“Yes sir. Should I send in Charlie to help you? He does enjoy helping with renovation.”
“No! Tell him I’m rating how well he’ll run things when I’m out sick next month.”
“Next month?”
“Well, last year my doctor said I’d have a heart attack by next month. If I don’t, I’ve got to schedule a time to call him and laugh at him, okay?”
“Ah. Yes sir,” Henri winked at Jennifer, smiling, “Zuppa Giovanni for three in ten minutes.”
“Better make it fifteen.”
“Fifteen, sir.” Henri walked out.

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