Re: Zephyr


Herr D
[Chapter 11 continued]

“There couldn’t possibly be that much in there, could there?” said Mr. Machiavelli.
“More likely it’s full of rainwater, sir,” said Mike, “Has the roof ever leaked?”
“Call me Tony, Mike. From tonight we’re not just distant family helping each other. This is everything I’ve wanted to find my whole life. And you bring me this beautiful girl smarter than both of us!”
Oh #$%^ Beautiful compared to what? You? And the rotten moonshine was obvious! “Thank you, Mr. Machiavelli.” Jennifer blushed in spite of not believing either compliment.

Mr. Machiavelli wheeled around, overturning one of the two chairs. “You two like steak?”
Mike seemed to be having trouble processing this change of topic. “Sir–uh, Tony? Yes, I like steak? Jennifer?”
“I love steak.”
Tony put two fingers in his mouth and puffed out a whistle that sounded loud enough to shatter the water glasses. The waiter opened a door at the end of the dining room. “Six medium-rare filet mignon with mushroom glace stuffed with spiced crab! Sweet tomato-heavy salad onna side! Choice of dressings! Water for three! Pick the best red wine we have that goes! Mincemeat pie for dessert! Hold on!” Tony turned to Mike and Jennifer, “Pardon my presumption. Does that sound okay?”
Good #$%^&ing LORD! “Are you sure?” said Jennifer, “I only gave you an idea! I couldn’t eat but one filet mignon anyhow!”
Tony snorted. “One for you, two for him, three for me! Perfect! What’s wrong?”
No wonder you look like a walking heart attack. “Okay?”
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