Re: Zephyr


Herr D

[continuation of Chapter 9]

“Four,” said Jennifer, “The working copy ready to put in the timed delays.”
“Three more. Total run time of thirteen, forty-two, and forty-nine seconds. All the copies have fifty-seven data points.”
The door opened. Young Mike put a hand on her shoulder. “Lend me a cane.”
“You stay here and watch. Call out if you see something behind me. I know how to call up a file list and check run times. I can run back here fast if anything happens.”
“I’m not giving you my password!”
Young Mike almost managed to not show hurt in his facial expression. “I’ll get the laptop. We’ll take it to the van.”
Two minutes later they were in the van. Young Mike took his time walking around the van to lock the loading dock door. When he got back, Jennifer told him the news. “The extra copy is a minute nine seconds.”
Young Mike frowned. “Can you tell what time those files were made?”
“Because I think they happened while we were at the window.”
It took some doing, but they figured out he was right. Jennifer finished subtracting between time indexes, looked up to announce he was right, and frowned. “Where are you taking me?”
“The last bus probably leaves in what, one minute? We’re all the way across the square. Besides, Shelly told me I should drive you home.”
“We haven’t returned the laptop.”
“We can lock it in the van overnight. I can bring it up tomorrow morning. I have to be in at seven-fifteen.”
“Seven-fifteen?! Why so early?”
“Old Mike is borrowing an engine lift to handle Cam One. I have to return it to the mechanic that owns it.”
“Would you like to go to dinner with me?”

**Editor’s note: YAY! Chapter nine is FINALLY complete!