Re: Zephyr


Herr D

[continuation of Chapter 9]

David called Tia and kibitzed a bit, then taped her explanation. He requested two copies of the map slide show, one for forty-two seconds and one for forty-nine. Jennifer programmed the time delays in first. She called up the map and generated a master digital copy for alteration and began plotting and saving. This really IS a lot of points. She looked up to see Mr. Crowe starting to leave and checked her watch. Early. Not even four-thirty. He waved. She returned it. At four-forty-five she leaned back in her chair and rubbed her neck. Half done? This is taking FOREVER. Someone ought to lay out Davy-boy and smash Tia’s perfect little nose in. It’s a SPIRAL. What’s so impressive that she moves in a spiral around the neighborhood? She turned on the terminal next to her as Stuart left. Here I am, the last worker bee! She plotted the last point as she heard running footsteps coming up the stairs. She frowned and hit ‘Save’ as Young Mike came bursting in. He was running flat out, holding a 35mm camera, twisting off a telephoto lens. He tossed it on an office chair and went right for the courtyard window. He held the camera at an angle to the window and rapidly took at least a dozen pictures. Then he fumbled open the window and continued shooting. Jennifer listened carefully for screams or sirens. What on EARTH is so amazing? She got up and began caning toward him.
“Oh! You’re still here!” Young Mike blurted out without turning, “Can you bring me a camcorder?”

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