Re: Zephyr


Herr D

[continuation of Chapter 9]

“It occurred to me that this phenomenon must have a pattern. I consulted with several colleagues, and one of them realized that locations had been ignored. Charting them on a map with her, I saw her realize something. Our very own weathergirl, Tia, realized that if you chart the locations and put them in order, you have a diagram of a storm.” He clicked off.
TIA figured this out? “Huh!”
He handed her the recorder. “How long is that?”
Jennifer didn’t even rewind it. “Ten to fifteen seconds.”
His eyebrows went up. “You’re not going to check it?”
“I can.” Jennifer turned her watch toward him, rewound it, and pressed ‘play.’ She clicked off on the beat after ‘storm’ with perfect timing. His eyebrows went up again. “Thirteen and a half? Fourteen?” she said.
“Yeah.” Gee, Davy-boy, don’t look so disappointed. You’re supposed to LIKE your employees doing well.
“So, you want the map–don’t have to photograph it, we already have it digitally. Add the points in order so it takes fifteen seconds to form the whole. One of the weather arrows to connect the dots? That’s easy enough.”
“I want it to take closer to thirty seconds. That’s a lot of points to put in.”
“Oh. Well, have Tia say more about the shape of the storm. What it might mean. People like her voice. I can slow it down all at once if I do it equally. Just tell me how much time.” I find her voice irritating, but that’s just me.

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