Re: Zephyr


Herr D

Chapter 9: Potential

Jennifer checked the batteries in the digital camera. “David?”
David looked startled. “Yes?”
She held up the camera. “Is that map glossy?”
He blinked. He looked down. “Yes.”
“You’re not going to need me to get a picture of it, are you?”
He blinked again. “That’s what I’m preparing it for. Why?”
Oh, you forgot. “Camera one is the only one we have that can allow for the sheen. Unless you got another digital or bought some of that plastic I asked for.”
He gritted his teeth. He looked down at the map, turning slightly red.
“Of course, if you explain what you’re doing, I could make it on PowerPoint. Today’s post-production is done.”
He blinked again. “Like a slide show?”
“I could make it a slide show. In stages, even. Like that piece on economists last month?”
He smiled faintly. Yeah, I know you loved making Ph. D.’s sound stupid.
“Okay,” he said, “That would be a nice touch for this.” He fished a wad of paper out of his pocket. “Unbunch that for me. I should double-check it anyway.” He handed it to her.
Eee-ew. Sweaty. What IS this? Is that Tia’s writing? She unfolded and flattened it beside her laptop.
David pulled a mini-cassette recorder out of it’s case, checked the tape, set it down, turned it on, and began speaking in his anchor voice.

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