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Real Name: Forgotten
Age: ???

Only two things are truly known about this man. He’s immortal, bound to a woefully powerful force that is older than he is. Selected among all mortals to carry this terrible burden forever, he tempers it’s dark power with his own willpower to do good in the world. And secondly, he has bore witness to far too many horrors in the world than any person was ever meant to deal with. He tried for a long time to champion the good people of the world, using his pain tolerance and immortality to bear with unbearable sorrow and fight where the brave wouldn’t stand. In this new century, he once again joins like minded individuals to continue the unending battle for good, with the new title of “superhero”. Afters centuries of a life no one should be burdened with, he brings wisdom and knowledge that no one else possesses. Even he has forgotten where he was born or what his name used to be, so now he is known simply as the Grey Man.