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ok the whole text is out of order:

allow me to elaborate. so these guys are agents of -name redacted-. so i try to use the storylines from -name redacted- but as just a guide line of the larger world they inhabit. also im sort of “comic-book time” effect. whereas in the -name redacted- things have gotten apocalyptic id rather keep it going in the current status quo.

now ive set up some sub plots in the game. some are derived form the characters concept. for instance one of the charcaters is a gypsy “ghost-killer” who possessess mysterious sickles that cut non corporeal beings. her family was wiped out. by who? why?

one of the characters is a werewolf. hes zen master and can control the change, hes even got to point where he can resist on full moons. (its real time. if game session falls on full moon its full moon in game). one adventure a mysterious shadowed figure mocked him for being lapdog for the humans.

the figure is dracula. i want to set him up as sort of big bad. hes also used his vampire women to entrance the teams human liason character as a sort of “renfeild”. they havent noticed that hes never around any more.

also a werewolf was captured by another squad. she is in holding and constantly tries to convince the werewolf guy to free her. to the point that hes not allowed in holding area. unbeknownst to them shes been purposefully captured. another minion of dracula. at some point hes gonna attack the -name redacted- hq. use his renfeild to free her so theres inside monster. but id like to foreshadow it more and clue in dracula.

also there new field leader is this vamp chick. she got captured along with one of the pcs by some chinese vamps and while they rescued him they discovered that she had been traded off to her “original masters”. they dont know that her original master is dracula.

so ive been hinting clues that theres something big about to happen with the vampires. they have been laying low for decades. even famed vampire hunter -name redacted- had to go to china to find some vamps. i know it should involve dracula. as well as an order of inquisition types theyve encountered called order of the dragon who are sworn enemies of evil but are corrupt. thats all i got tho. whats dracs plan? how do i spoon feed it to then bit by bit?