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im just gonna throw a bunc of stuff up here. dunno if anyones lookin but my comp is actin wonky and may crash so i might as well have these saved!

the agents gonna face the classic line up of monsters. but my spin on them. i tried to imagine them as if created by mignola or del toro. i knew they been planning on a frankenstein and gonna base it off berni wrightsons version (one of the first versions i saw as a kid and one i thought was terrifying) hes agile and intellegent like in the books. normally i like the concept of frankenstein as sort of tragic hero. hes not bad hes just been abused so much by people. but im gonna go even further in that he just warped completely and hates everyone. hes unrepentant villian by now. Wolfman.pngDracula.pngFrankenstein.pngmonster.png