Re: Ximero’s House of Cards



The Witchworld game takes 2-4 Players and is an RPG-TCG hybrid, in that Players use cards to summon Characters to a Battlefield and move them around, have them attack, etc. according to each Character’s specific abilities and tactical advantages. It will also require a d10 dice and some good-ol’ pen and paper to keep track of things like taken damage and stats modifiers (this would be far easier in the electronic form of the game, but i trust we’ll get there too, eventually).

In this post, we’ll be discussing the Battlefield (seen below).


It is a 25 x 25 playing field (a grid made of square tiles, called… squares, of course). Players have their Characters enter the Battlefield on the row closest to them, called the Fielding Row, where their tower base (of HP=900) is also located (on 3 merged non-spawning squares). Players lead their Characters from their own tower to their opponent’s (or opponents’, in case of more than 2 players), which they try to lay siege to and to eventually win the game by reducing its HP to 0. Of course, they should expect some stiff resistance from their opponents, who will similarly send out Characters against them, but also use background cards to build defences and equip difficult terrain to slow down their progress.

While the above is fairly standard fare, one novelty found in this game are the Field Keys. At the beginning of the game, each Player chooses a certain square on the Battlefield, where they ‘bury their Field Key’ (they make a private note of it somewhere) – this is important because, without having found Player Two’s (or Three’s or Four’s) Field Key, Player One’s advancing army is forever stuck outside Player Two’s Force Field area (the second row inwards past the Fielding Row), where their attacks are wasted but they can (and will) be attacked from the defenders near the tower base. This forces Characters to leave no stone unturned, as it were, in their progress, using simple strikes or ability-based attacks to try and unearth (‘un-tile’) their foe’s Field Key – some Players will give away its presence by building massive defences around it, or equipping various field modifiers around it, so only certain types of Characters (e.g. Ghosts or Burrowers or Swimmers) may reach it, while others may bluff and hide it in plain sight in very unassuming locations. This is indeed one way of strategising ‘slowing down and smelling the roses’ into an otherwise action-filled game :)

Hope you’re enjoying this so far, stay tuned for more (soon there will also be more pictures, yes).