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This one is another revision of my Manic Electric Character, i feel I may be getting closer to a solid version the new tech boot items make nice bracer items as well I find. *edit* Just a slight update showing previous Manic Electric Versions and a bio for him.

Real name: Manfred “Mannie” Rodriguez (working name, not sure if it will stay)
Height: 5 ft 6
Weight: 175 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown, Spiked.
Style of costume/dress: Manic Electric, dresses in a tactical style, usually wearying army cargo pants, and various tactical belts, he also wears a bandana around the lower part of his face to cover his burns and bracers which help him to focus his electrical energies, allowing him to be more accurate and making it less likely for the attacks to arc to unintended targets.
Mannie has Electrical powers which can be utilized as either ranged or melee attacks.

Manfred was once a regular guy with a wife and a kid, however hard time struck him when he lost his job and his income, unfortunately he acquired debt to some organized crime types as well, he needed a way to come up with money to pay them. When he was unable to to pay, the criminals took his family and held them hostage. Mannie heard about a lab that was paying people large some of cash to participate in experimental procedures, Mannie took part but something went horribly wrong and he was electrocuted, he received electrical burns to his face and the lab goggles he was wearing melted to his flesh, he also was driven insane by the electrocution messing up his brain and received electrical powers as well, after killing everyone in the lab he hunted down the criminals who took his family and wiped them all out, his family did not know it was him though as he had wrapped a bandana around his face to cover up the burns, he relocated his family to assure others would not come for them and then he said goodbye and walked away from them. Manic now wonders the streets he is neither completely villain nor hero, but more often then not finds himself on the wrong side of the law, but he does prey on other criminals especially when those criminals endanger the live of innocent women and children.

Manic Electric