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Thanks, Guys. Here are Some more creations one is an older one but one of my faves that i posted in old forums.
Convict SH03679
Real Name:Unknown
Alias: Ransom
Current whereabouts: unknown

Ransom as he is currently known is impossible to stop once he gains
momentum, Verlassen City Police were only able to capture him due to
a Drug that suppresses super powers. When not drugged he posses super
strength, strength that gives him the ability to jump great distances.
He is also considered virtually indestructible. The several scars he
now possesses were received in the Verlassen City correctional system and
prisons, even without his powers he seemed unkillable, during his sentence
he was studied by scientists, they discovered that he has certain genetic mutations
unaffected by the power suppression drug, one such mutation is he has twice the muscle
and half the fat of normal humans this is in addition to being much more then twice the
strength of a normal man, his muscles are 5 times stronger then a normal man’s. Another
anomaly discovered was his bones are reinforced with naturally occurring carbon nano fibers.
This man is extremely dangerous and should not be approached, if you see him call the VPD
and only the VPD, human law enforcement is not equipped to deal with him
only the VPD has the manpower and the resources to capture and contain him,
his escape should be considered a fluke. Ransom’s known powers and abilities
are as follows he can jump great distances he has been known to jump just over a quarter mile,
lift at least 12000lbs, has extremely durable bones and enhanced healing, this should not be
considered a comprehensive or complete list and the true upper limits of his strength and
powers have yet to be ascertained.

next is an insane fire based villain PyRomantic

And a cold/ice based female, CryoRaven.
and a jokester villain named NecroJester.

And an unnamed unstoppable force of a man.