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Kaylin, great job on Kairula (“Kay-rule-ah”? :D) ! Looking forward to more details as they become available. It took me back to the (not-so-)old days of my earliest sci-fi stories and pestering my chemistry teacher with elusive questions meant to enlighten me on what gases would best create the atmosphere i was envisioning for a humanoid-snails’ homeworld 🙂 (Un)fortunately, that story eventually sort of tied itself up into a knot.
Also, i am definitely seconding the idea of having some seals in HM, so actual selkies can be made (you could try and modify/cover/mask stuff on the good-ol’ mermaid tail, but it would really take a while to reach anything satisfactory). I do have a character that’s spun off the selkie motif, so i can indeed relate.
Also #2, i think you posted something somewhere (obvs., i can’t find it anymore) about how to size down posted images? (if i recall correctly) Please do lemme know how i do that again, or link me to it, or smth.

Excelsior! 😀