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Hi, Kaylin :) Glad to see you’re still at it – i see the Kairula pages flourishing, and even attracting support from other artists, which is always great. So congratulations are in order! Meanwhile, i would like to ask you (but never mind if it leads you to spoil any plot twists or anything) whether the Shadow will be approached more in-depth. So far, i could only spot a cryptic (ominous, even ;) ) reference to it as being the place where no one in his/her right mind should go, but i would indeed be curious as to what manner of beasts lurk therein. Would it all be a sort of Bizarro-Kairula, similar to the original but deformed in some way, or even an Anti-Kairula, or much much worse, some nook or cranny of the Abyss? Would humans (greedy as they ever are) try to tap into its frightful energies? Would some native mage / magic creature come back from it with a vengeance? Would the Shadow find some way of ‘spilling over’ onto Kairula (and Earth, via infected/-ing portals) as a sort of consuming contagion? etc. etc. :) (donating ideas, since i have no HM creation to donate as of yet)