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@Zerogarth and FRM:
No, coloured backgrounds are fine. At some point I was planning to go back and redo all the background-less ones so they had backgrounds anyway, and you might have noticed I’m doing more with backgrounds on the more recent pages, such as the Human Magic page. The reason those original pictures have no background is that I was focusing on the character or creature shown, but I’d like to show some of them in their natural habitat at some point.

That reminds me – if either of you would like to have a go at making me a Salamander family, I’d be delighted. Ditto Merpeople, B-dang-dangs, Sprites and Griffins – oh, and a baby Dravir would be nice as well. It’s mostly babies or children that I want pictures of, really – I haven’t got round to making any images of them yet. Thanks.

Also, if you could send me the text files of those two images (the mage and the Fenris) so I can work on them a bit, that would be great. PM me or something. If you don’t want to, that’s fine. I’ll just either use them as they are or try and recreate them.