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Things I noticed on your Wiki:

On Human’s History, 711 AD, when you wrote about the Moors u didn’t finish the sentence (the name they gave to their new home)… I readed it whole now, with the updates and everything (last time I just readed part of it… yeah I’m lazy -.- )… just a thought; I imagine those “random portals” to be generated on purspose by some higher beings, maybe following a plan or something… I assume you’re ahead of me on this one, but I mention it just in case… seems acordingly to a world like the one u’re creating… this plan may be made by a native race of Kairul’la (I liked the spelling Ximero suggested) or maybe an extrakairulean race…
Another thing, when you talk about “born lupi” u say that they are born from a human mating with a dragon, but u said before that humans and dragons couldn’t mate, that it was done by Kairul’la’s magic (I’m not sure ’bout with this one, maybe it’s just my lack of a better understanding of english… maybe I’m taking the second “mate” the wrong way by giving the same meaning the first one have, idk)

Anyway, I like Kairula’s background a lot, it’ll turn out as a real deep plot at the end, I’m sure of it! …I will be following your updates, and try to make a contribution (or none if you don’t want to ,lol) : )