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Hi, Kaylin. Been outta touch due to “real life” (pfft) butting in again (but hey, i got my phd, so whoohoo 😀 and yay for being jobless…) *cough* anyway, wanted to congratulate you for the fine pieces of jewellery you created in that recent competition (the butterfly/fairy-wing-ish ones), they were some of my definite favourites in there 🙂 so keep up the good work.
I see you’ve also been getting some more stuff done on Kairula (will check the magic in a bit), so maybe you’d like to have a look at my recently created (second) collection on deviantArt – – where i intend to, time allowing, post some of the stuff i’ve been creating with HM (though the items i have there so far are just in Word). There’s also a link to a ‘fancier’ website specifically made for my card game based on the above, but that one is still very much under construction.

And speaking of websites, without wishing to make it rain on your parade, you should be aware of this: – i know it’s just a coincidence, but y’know, best to keep them clearly distinct (spelling tweaks or so), to prevent future legal entanglements.