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Races (overview)
Where there are any, they are invariably in the majority. Humans are the only race to be really enthusiastic about building cities and marking boundaries – beyond the human-occupied lands, there are no boundaries, and very few cities.
Sub-races: Lupus and Vampire

3 confirmed sub-races: the eldar, who are mainly gone from human lands, the eledhel and the moredhel. (Names taken from Raymond E. Feist’s Riftwar Saga.) Descended from the survivors of Atlantis who escaped to Kairula through a randomly appearing portal.

Shapeshifters who can take any form, their base or central forms are: what you would think of as a traditional dragon (either air – the normal sort – or water – aquatic and can’t breathe fire or fly), human male, and human female. They age at half human speed, can work elemental magic (more about dragon magic later), and have 3 parents instead of the more usual two.

I have a lot of powerpoints with all the detail on, and I’m trying to figure out the best way of sharing them. Any suggestions from anyone? They have a lot of links, because I’ve structured it a bit like a Wiki, with cross-references all over the place, and most of the ways I’ve found of publishing powerpoints don’t let the links work. Frown