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Great job, Kaylin! I’ve been waiting for you to update the monsters section (yes, it tends to be the one most interesting for me in a game, i’ll admit :D) and i am not disappointed at all 😉 I particularly liked the Gloamgloazer (which i think was also a bit of a pioneering work for you, since many of your characters are rather the graceful humanoids, less the terribly ooky 😉 – and this *was* a compliment, btw :D), as well as the “strategic modesty effects” on the elementals/nymphs 😉 Oh, and i think “b’dang-dang” will have a long life ahead of it as an in-jokey cussphrase (that’s right, folks, you’ve just heard it first right here, on HM3!) 😀 at least i know it’ll keep me entertained for a while (and i’ll never look at an orangoutan (sp.?) the same way again 🙂 )

And i haven’t even got to the magic section yet! 😀
Also, yeah, i’m prepping up a micro-site with some of the playing cards i’m making, will share with you lovely folks when done 🙂

Well done, and keep up the good work, you’re on to epic adventures galore there! 🙂