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…Okay, so that failed. Sorry.

Kairulan Facts of the Week #4:
Like cats and dogs…or wolves and vampires

Dragons and lupi get on very well, being so closely related, but neither of them get on at all with vampires. This is probably because their blood is much more attractive to vampires than human blood, and also a lot more powerful. Dragon blood, in fact, gives a vampire so much power that drinking it is illegal under vampire law, and is punishable by death – as is turning a lupus or a dragon into a vampire. This is, again, because of the massive amount of power such a being would have. They are also usually mentally unstable, and much more prone to losing control and going on a killing spree than other lupi or vampires. Because of this, a vampire-lupus or vampire-dragon hybrid will be killed as soon as possible by any of the three groups.

However, it’s not all bad: these problems don’t come up very often, mainly because of geography. Kairula has three continents, and the dragons and lupi mainly live on the western continent, with most vampires sticking to the east. As a result, the only interaction between them tends to be through phones and video conferences, which run no risk of anyone getting attacked.