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Herr D

? I took the quiz again, and now I’m a vampire. At least this version isn’t undead. Too many of the choices I’m ambivalent about.

1. You may want to add some varying images or add a transparent calendar in the background showing the coming full moon?
2. Werethings, Werefelines, Werecats, etc? You might mention whether surrounding the young one with pictures of desired animals could ‘choose’ the person’s alternate forms?
3. Djinn affinity for fire could be limited if you’re worried about balance? Just invulnerability or some form of dependence . . . lots of ways to go.
4. Was that me? Writing the peripheral effects is sometimes the way to leave enough mystery to induce fear.
a. The RTYU monster is big, with very strong jaws and teeth, and it lives under water.
b. Something under the boat bit the anchor chain in half, lifted the boat six feet, and dropped it. Old Brian said it had to be a RTYU.
Biting anchor chains in half and lifting up boats? Ah, those were the days. I miss being young!
5. Didn’t you post a selkie somewhere? I remember giving you advice about a thumb?