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Kairulan Facts of the…something:
Werecats and Fenris and Genies, oh my!

This time the facts are about creatures I’m in the process of making, or thinking about making, or haven’t quite got right and want to overhaul, or just explain in more detail. I’d really like your feedback on these.

1. Fenris
I’m worried – and I may be wrong – that some of you may have got the wrong idea about the Fenris. On this page it says that “The Fenris are…rogue lupi.” However, the image I used shows a half-man, half-wolf creature that doesn’t look like any image of lupi I’ve used. This is because the Fenris don’t always have enough control over their wolf side to be able to stay completely human-shaped, not because this is what they look like all the time. This generally happens most in the days leading up to a full moon, when the compulsion to change is growing stronger. Does that clear things up?

2. Werecats
I haven’t written anything about werecats yet, and I haven’t thought of a name for them along the lines of the werewolves being called “lupi”, but I’m thinking about including them in Kairula. My idea is that they’re descended from dragons, like lupi. Because dragons can take any animal form, their descendants have a choice, and they’re grouped into tribes and packs based on which animal form they take. This works (mostly) because a newborn lupus or werecat child isn’t actually a lupus/werecat yet – they will take the form of the first animal they see. Because their parents, siblings and packmates will shift in front of them and walk around in animal form, this is generally the same as the form taken by the rest of their group. Unfortunately, there are exceptions – I’ll get to that later. Sound good?

3. Genies, or Djinn
I’ve been thinking that, for balance, I should create another creature for the Fire element. If you look, all the elements have 3 except for Fire, which only has 2. I thought long and hard about this, coming up with and discarding several ideas, and eventually remembered that I was at one stage planning to include Djinn. Then I had the bright idea of making djinn with an affinity for fire. Images are in progress. However, I’m worried that it overlaps too much with the territory already covered by elementals. Do you think I can include them?

4. The Shadow
Someone (I think it was Herr D) commented on the lack of information about the Shadow. I am of the school of thought that the less you know about something, the scarier it is, but I see his point. It doesn’t even have its own section on a page, much less its own page. Who else would like to see more about it?

  • For those that have no idea what I’m talking about (another sign that I need to do more on this), it’s mentioned in the Portals section on this page.
  • 5. Selkies
    There is a Selkie picture coming, honest! It has been posted on my Characters thread, but that was a while back and I never got round to putting it on the wiki. I’ll get it done soon, along with more info on that page in general.