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This time the subject is: Elementals, nymphs and elemental magic.

1. All elementals and nymphs belong to the same species, regardless of element.

2. The element they take is not determined by that of their parents or their surroundings, but by a choice when they become an adult.

3. They feed on magic to survive – mostly the natural green magic present in their surroundings, but they can also feed on magic provided by a mage. Some elementals have, in the past, made bargains with mages to work for them in return for being fed magic.

4. Elementals and nymphs both get more powerful with age, with the most powerful being several centuries old. They do not die of old age, but can be killed or die of illness.

5. There have been known to be elementals and nymphs for the lesser elements, such as ice, metal, etc, as well as the main four. However, there are no recorded instances of either elementals or nymphs for Spirit, Shadow or the Void.