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Black Griffin

The Ríkijafn Empire:
the Yellow star is the capital, the light green is major cities, the yellow circles are the capital of the region, and the red is the chapter-houses of the Militant orders.

Main Export: Food, and Coal
Main Import: Slaves.
Type of Coin: Gold, Called: Numbers.
Government: Religious empire.
Religion: The Fingers.

753 of the 7-3: When a man becomes emperor he looses his name and family name, this is supposed to make him nothing more then a tool of the gods and the people. instead he is called by the number of Emerors came before him (first number), if he comes from a dynasty he gets that added to his name as well as how many of his family makes up the dynasty (7th dynasty, 3rd of his family to rule).

753 is a improvement from 752, a insane man who attempted to invade Sloam with disastrous results (Sloam is in the Lower center part of the main map), unlike 752, 753 has made peace with the Sloam natives, gotten trade agreements from the majority of the powerful counties and has started rebuilding the army for the next conquest.



Cultural Oddity: Where in many cultures people’s rank is shown by how fancy they ornament themselves, the Empire is the reverse. Rank is shown by the simplicity of the outfit and the only ornament worn is a tassel, once again, the fewer worn the higher the rank