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Black Griffin

I really thought I would start writing about the different countries, their cultures, rulers and the likes after I finished the information on Magic and Religion. But this story of the Giant Mage couldn’t wait, I didn’t wantt to forget it.

Krikta Bjargsteinn; the Giant Mage, the first and last of his kind, creator of the Jewel of Thought and Word, and Guardian of the Opening.

Krikta was born and raised in the early days of the second age, The Age of Growth. He was largely unaware of his talents until his 139 Change-Year, where his power manifested in the surprising way of burning his mates clothing to ashes and then flooding their dwelling with sea water.

It took roughly another 100 Change-Years for him to gain even the most basic amount of control of the Natural magic that coursed through his veins. Over the next batch of centuries Krikta sought more than control of his ability but also away to streamline it into a more controllable state.

His first experiments involved attaching the magic to himself to be drawn upon by couscous thought, while successful those experiments left him with scares, physical ailments and terrible damage to his metal state.

It wasn’t until his 500 Change-Year where he thought to attach the magic to a stone instead of a living creature. That is how the Giant’s Jewel, source for Thought and Word magic, was born.Using this new magic He prolonged his life to the point of immortality, laid tons of enchantments, and wrote more books then the mortal mind can comprehend.

In the early days of the 6th Age Demonic magic appeared and with it a host of problems, problems that Krikta took it upon himself to solve. What, he was a ancient being whose done everything there is to do, why shouldn’t he use his powers to play god.
It was in the southern mountains of Heim where he discovered the most grievous misuse and mistake made with Demonic magic, a group of crazed magic users were attempting to rip a hole in the world to let in a Demon of enormous power.

It was then the first mortals saw Krikta, the first mortals since the second age, it was also then that Krikta used the full amount of Natural and Thought magic he had at his disposal. The Opening was already big enough to let the Demon slip through, so instead of closing it, he sealed it, pumping as much magic through himself and his stone he placed a shield over the opening, trapping the Demon between the other place and the mortal world.

To date Krikta still sleeps beneath the Heim mountains, barely keeping the Opening sealed off and fighting a battle that cannot be won, only delayed.

Now I just need to make a image of the King of Other, Name i’m going to give the Demon.