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Black Griffin

what ears, I forgot nothing Wink I’ll fix it sometime

Landgrave-General Alessian of the Orange Army, Conqueror of Hemdar, One of the Three Generals and Friend of the Draconian


Hemdar has always been the country of the Draconian, or at the very least the country with the highest population of them. When Alessian invaded he found very little resistance at the end of the campaign season he had lost more men to sickness then he had to fighting.

then why did he join the ranks of the banished generals? he didn’t continue his campaign till the end of the season. in his campaign he had noticed the hooded a cloaked figures of the Draconian and had followed them back to one of their dens. there, he and his bodyguards slowly were indoctrinated into the Draconian philosophy and lifestyle. after that experience he stopped his army and now has dedicated his life to the Draconian studies of philosophy and art.