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Black Griffin

Landgrave-General Smarrson of the Green Army, Destroyer of Chcutha and Thdics, One Of the Three Generals, and Occupier of Sloam.
you might remember him from the old forums as:


History of Sloam:
Emperor 752 ordered the Green Army, experts of jungle warfare, to add the small area known as Sloamahaha to the Empires list of conquered lands. After a long campaign season the Green Army had only manage to secure the peninsula of Sloamahaha, having to few men left to continue the campaign General Smarrson refused to lead them into another season. for that Smarrson and the Green Army were ordered to “Hold Fast”, Meaning they must keep control of the area until a new army is sent.

Recent History of Smarrson:
Smarrson lead the Green Army through a long and arduous campaign fighting the hidden forces of the Sloamahaha tribes.