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Wolf Master
This is captain inferno leader and founding member of the legendary league. His powers are fire generation and manipulation, he is also has combat experience previously being in the army and further more this has provided him with great leadership skill which secured his place as the leader of the legendary league. His real name is Daniel Lockhart though his friends call him dan. He original received his power when he was on a night ops out in middle east and the came across a cave which had a burning fire in the center, the light would blow there cover. There was an old man sitting in front of the fire. He asked the man to put it out but he refused, so Daniel made an attempt to put it out himself. The man yelled and pushed him into the fire but the fire did not burn him he quickly leaped out of the fire and anger boiled inside of him. He pointed to the man and suddenly fire erupted from his hand incinerating the man. He later discovered that it was an enchanted fire and the old man was the fire guardian in trusted with its protects because if it was put out the world would apparently end.