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Wolf Master

Ok get ready for an overload of charcters, enjoy!
This is miss kinetic a founding member of the the legendary legion. He powers allow her to manipulate kinetic energy for various uses, she can increase her strength, fly, create force fields, hold people still, telekinetically move objects and produce kinetic blasts. Buth er power are limited more things she make her powers do at once the weaker the effects are. For example she can hold 3 people still, she starts to struggle a bit with 4, is exhausted holding 5 and could not hold still 6 people. She was born with her power though they only started to manifest when she was 8 and by the time she was 16 her powrers were at the level they are today.
Samuel Jacobson was working for a leading weapons firm which supplied the government. He had designed many weapons for the government but still had not been promoted from his lowly job. In hisgrowing anger he needed a break so he took a month of work to Africa. He visited the Sahara desert on camel back at night fall he camped on the cooler outskirts of the desert. He awoke that morning to see his camel was gone an he was mile from civilization. But as he looked around he saw a man in the desert not far away so he rushed after. The man was wearing high-tech armour as he got closer he noticed the man was badly injured as he knealt over the man trying to help him. The man said ” it si to late im going to die, there is nothing you can do. But is kind of you to try to help. Iwiill share my gift with you and you can take my armour it has thrusters that will get you to civilization in no time.2 the man touched him on the forehead and suddenly he had an in depth understanding of mechanics and design for countless device appeared i his mind. He escaped the desert and returned home, he used his works resources to design ne weapons and device which we would use to fight crime.
Osprey is the final founding member. He has retractable wings which he can use to fly with ease and he also has the ability to communicate with birds. He was born with his powers and at the age of 3 his fledgling wings first sprouted though he could not fly with them till the age of 7. After we was mugged and hospitalized by a criminal gang. He decided to take up crime fighting. His first act as a crime fighter was to bring the gang to justice.
Firefly was the first non-founding member to join the legendary legion. She has the ability to fly and to generate and manipulate fire but not to the extent that captain inferno can, yet. She got her power when she was subjected to radition when visiting her father at work at a nuclear power station. She spent 6 months in hospital recovering and a year later discovered her power. But when her father found out he was scared, his disowned her saying she was a freak when she was 17. She was working in a cafe in the city riverway; capial city of a small island in the pacific where most of the legendary legion live and where the team is based, it was attacked by lord bane now arch enemy of the group and she was saved by captain inferno. He now mentor her to train her fire based abilities.

The immortal man was born in London in 1642. He was stabbed by a criminal but the wound glowed with light then healed almost instantly, he disarmed the criminal and worn him never to commit a crime again.30 years later he was 72 but still looked the same as he did when he was 40, he had not aged a bit. Another 40 years later an he had still not died it was obvious now that he was immortal seeing has he far older than people would of ever lived at the time or even most people now. He joined the legendary league after they him from an attack by the high-tech criminal known as obliterator. He turned out to be a multi-millionaire and funded a new island base for the team.

The test subject known only as cyber solider escaped a corrupt government facility which had been testing on him for yrs after he was caught an explosion which him losing his right arm and leg and significant damage to his face and torso. The government replaced his leg and arms and healed his injuries turning him into a cyborg which they planned to use as a super-solider in the army. When he refused the tried to reprogram his brain to make him there mindless slave but he escaped before they could do so. He went to hiding for 6 years but was found by the government agency and they tried to take him back to there facility but the legendary legion saved him and he later joined there ranks.