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Wolf Master

Mark Parker was cop until he was caught in between a gang battle when of duty and was took three bullet, two in his left arm and one to the waist. He suffered no permanent physical impairments but psychological trauma prevented him form going back to work and he was unemployed for two years. He decided he wanted to be a cop again but could not get another job in the police force. So he now works as in an office. But by night he is the crime fighter known as golden eagle, he utilities wing suit technology to allow him to fly and is exceptionally fit for a man of his age.

Cyclone was early featured in the cover i made and as such for his name and the cover his powers are obvious but anyway his powers are the ability to control wind and flight. He gained his power well working out at sea as a fisher man but his vessel was caught in a freak storm. He was struck by lightning but instead of being harmed he was granted super powers. The origins of the storm still are unknown but it is unlikely that it was natural occurring. After being feared by his community for the powers he possesses.

Conflictor is a villain with the ability to gain strength from conflict. On the rare occasions when there is not much conflict going on he goes about causing it himself. He uses a minigun to wreak =havoc and wheres a mask to cover his face. He came into contact with the legendary legion after atempting to cause a war between the US and Russia.