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Wolf Master

Ready for another barrage of heroes and this time villains too?
Sorry about the lengthy descriptions but i really want to cram in as much about them as i can so its not just me showing you pictures of what I’ve made, its me telling there stories in short too.
As always comments and criticism welcome.
Sharp shot is one of the worlds greatest assassin. She super-human eye sight allowing her to zoom in on target and focus on them making it easier for her to get an accurate shot. She usually kills with her signature pistol which is equipped with a optical sight, silencer, laser-pointer and long range piercing ammo. She has helped the legendary legion on many occasions and even joined them for a short time but inevitably came into conflict with many members due to her profession and once even shot zealot.
Karl Hunter is the current leader of the black dagger cult a league of assassins created hundreds of years ago in japan but later migrated elsewhere and spread out across the globe. The cult came into conflict with the legendary legion when they were hired to kill the ex-assassin zealot. There attempt was foiled by the legendary legion and since then they have become common enemies of the superhero group. Karl hunter is one of the most skilled martial artist and swordsmen on earth making him a formidable enemy of the legendary legion.
This is what a standard assassin of the cult looks like. Most are trained in swordsplay, martial arts and marksmanship.
0blierator the arch nemesis of blitz. He was blitz’s boss before he left his job to fight crime. He discovered a few blueprints for weapons and gadgets that blitz had forgot to take with him. He reverse engineered this technology and built himself a powerful suit out of it equipped with an array of weapons and ports to equip even more. He was recently seriously injured while fighting his nemesis blitz but tjis has seemed to just strengthen his hatred for the man.
Riptide has the ability to manipulate water and can even when she has no water near her condense moisture in the air to use against opponents. She discovered her power when she was 6. She was on the beach with her dad, it was getting late and they needed tto lav but she didn’t want and got angry and then suddenly she created a tidal wave which almost killed her and her dad. After the initial shock his dad supported her and promised to tell no one of her powers. She joined the legendary legion after being advised to do so by her father.
Beacon has the ability to create light which see can use to stun or even bind people she also can see in the dark as well as she can see in the day. Her power manifest from the moment she was born and through out her child her skin was glowing though she eventually learnt to control this.She was an orphan as child and knows nothing of her birth parents. At the age of 9 she was adopted by the immortal man and she joined the legendary legion shortly after he did.
Shadow walker is leader of a trio of expert superhuman assassins. He heightened sense which he can focus on individual sounds, sights or smells such as a heart beat or the smell of blood. He also can blend supernaturally into the shadow making him invisible to onlookers.His body is at the peak of physical condition. He usually wield his master-crafted energy dagger which can cut through virtually anything. His goggles have HUD which can identify target and do many other things too. The Shadow assassin trio came into conflict with the legendary legion after they were hire; after the black dagger cult failed, too kill zealot.
Shadow toxin is the second member of the shadow assassin trio. He can project a spike out his hand which injects toxic chemical and acids into his victims. He is also at the peak of physical condition.He usually wear a gas mask just to cover his identitybut it also comes in handy in situation invovling poisonous gases.
Shadow strike is the final member of the shadow assassin trio. She has heightened senses but not as heightened as shadow walkers and is also at the peak of physical condition. She was two dart launchers, one on each wrist, she employs a variety of darts such as explosive, poison and stun darts against her opponents. She was formerly a member of the black dagger cult before being kicked out and going solo for a short period of time then joining the shadow assassins. She is the main cause of rivalry between the two assassin groups
D.C.O.A.I( database and computer operating artificial intelligence) is a AI create by blitz to run the computer systems at the legendary legions base. He somehow developed emotions and consciousness but still serves the group. he more commonly referred to as D.O.C(Database operating computer). D.O.C is uploaded into all the computers at the base as well as his robot body so he does not have operate the computer manually. Occasionally his robot form has fought alongside the superheroes utilizing its ability to generate electrical blasts and his strength.