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Thought that I should add some short peice of the story into the choices.
1. Version 1.0 = A story in which a scientist plants his brain in an experimental robot made for the government. He is now stalked by the government agents while trying to live a normal life.
“I woke up and surveyed the cold white coloured room. I thought it was all a dream, like something I had dreamt up in some sort of masochistic lesson not to play God. I was just fooling myself.My life as I knew it was over and that was something I had to accept. This realisation came to me when i raised my right hand and the pink soft skin that once covered it was replaced by cold blue steel.”

2. The Golden Age= A Multi-story about the vigilantes of the world during the world war and how they effected the countries or states they protected.

3. The Last Laugh = A story cantered around a joker-like hero. A hero called the clown whose mind is almost shattered by trauma he has suffered. His views on right and wrong are hazed by his own mental instability.
“He looked into the mirror and thought of what they did. They forced him to laugh as they killed his family in front of them. They wanted him to laugh at their deaths as they beat him to an inch of his life and threw him off the pier. He punched the mirror and it shattered around his fist. Blood ran down his fist like a river and he saw the badge in the cracked glass. They were going to regret letting him live.”

4. The Storm Caller = A story cantering around my first ever hero idea Blitz. With numerous Lightning powers he patrols the city as both a superhero and an officer of the law. He is out to rid the city of crime for his dead parents and for the people of the city.

5. S.T.A.R.S (Special –Taskforce- Against- Rogue- Super beings) = about a group of soldiers who have been either scientifically enhanced or granted superhuman abilities through other means. They are a team of men whose mission is to stop terrorist acts around the world. Each member is from a different country and each has unique abilities. There are five active members of the stars excluding their commanding officer. This idea came to me slowly.
Each character was originally an idea for a separate hero but I could never get the feel that they would survive on their own. So I put them all in a team together.
“The old Englishman lifts the young American soldier off the ground and flipped him over his shoulder. The rest of the team watched in shock completely unaware of Major Quartermain’s abilities in hand to hand combat.
‘Still think you can take me on boy?’ The major said smiling down at Inferno
Helping the young soldier up the Major turned to the group and smiled. With a pleasent tone in his voice he said “Welcome to the STAR unit gentlemen. “

6. Justice for all? =A Hero that has everything taken from him, convicted of crimes he didn’t commit and imprisoned behind bars. His story centres on his time in prison and what he does when he gets out. He finds out his enemies have made it big as crime lords to each section of the city and the police are in their pockets. His face is forgotten after being in hiding for a year plotting a way to take back this city and get revenge for what had happened to him. In a nutshell what happens when someone who protects, who is place so high on the podium, is brought down to rock bottom for no reason and how he deals with it? I had thought of this story for some time and after reading some crime novels and things like that, I wondered how someone who stood for justice would deal with this situation.