Re: where do my files go?



I’m running Windows Vista. Mine is at:
C:UsersUsual accountAppDataRoamingMacromediaFlash Player#SharedObjectsZ8Z8Z526www.heromachine.comhm3heromachine3.swfhmcharacters.sol

So you might be able to track yours down by following something like that. (The only bit of it that looks as if it might vary arbitrarily is “Z8Z8Z526”, and that was actually the only folder within “#SharedObjects” so it wouldn’t be hard to identify.) I found that address using a Firefox add-on called BetterPrivacy, which can list all the Flash cookies on the computer and their file path, and allows me to set which ones I want to keep and automatically delete all the others at the end of the session. I’ve set it to always keep all Flash cookies from, but for some reason they sometimes disappear all the same, so I’ve had to learn pretty quickly how to save the file elsewhere!