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Herr D

I forgot to mention why werewolf stories DON’T scare me normally. Monsters in general are identifiable, have known weaknesses. If you were to see one, you’re either hallucinating or you need to behave exactly certain ways to survive. Life is so much harder. Any awful person, place, or thing you encounter is a LOT less cut and dried, a LOT less predictable, and, let’s face it, a LOT less identifiable. Wednesday Addams dressed up like a homicidal maniac because they look like everybody else. The stranger you’re rude to might be your next job interviewer. The stranger you’re kind to might be your next stalker. Cars break down unexpectedly. Sinkholes sometimes form in seemingly stable ground, swallowing buses. Floors cave in. Sometimes cops are crooked and gangbangers are kind. A boring week where you do very little more than eat, sleep, be bored at work, do chores and maybe are too tired to pursue hobbies or friends is sometimes the luckiest week of all. The only thing easier to thrive in is to be in situ: “hey, don’t bother shooting it a SECOND time; you’ll make it madder. Just stay over here on THIS side of the river and help me melt down this silver. . . ” And those who don’t listen? Well–you can’t worry about them for very long.