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Name: Adam ‘Anarchy’ Wilson

Age: 24

Height: 5’ 11’’

Weight: 70kg

Weapons: 2x custom Glock 35mm semi-automatic pistols (concealed).

                 Custom built power-assisted double-edged sword.

                 Bionic implant: right eye, advanced sensors and vision modes.

                 Increased strength, speed, toughness and endurance induced by narcotics.


Biography: Like Zero, Anarchy lived as a street punk and took highly dangerous and illegal narcotics; he also found the right combination that boosted the human senses indefinably.


As a child he regularly stayed with his uncle Max ‘Damage’ Wilson, and at the age of 18 he moved out and Max took him in and trained him as a bounty hunter, like his uncle he is proficient with firearms and quick thinking. During his teenage years he along with Zero where prominent figures in the street punk scene, and both have met in the past, his Bionic eye was implanted as a fashion accessory, but later he had it modified so he could use it in conjunction with his weapons. He has violated many laws and has been a wanted man for many years, but like Zero, he has been able to somehow avoid the law.


His custom sword was bought from the Japanese black market and is a state of the art power-assisted weapon, easily capable of slicing through solid steel and piercing ceremide armour; he is a good swordsman but has had no formal training and relies on his increased speed and awareness to judge what any opponent will throw at him.


Because of Zero supposedly killing Max Damage, Anarchy has sought revenge and tracked down Zero. He took over the role of his uncle as a captor of him but in a fight Zero managed to reason with him and convinced him that it was in fact his employers LabTech that killed his uncle, not him. He later severed his ties with LabTech and he and Zero made a truce, with Labtech furious of his treachery his is one of the hunted along with Zero.


Although he and Zero made peace they weren’t exactly friends but when Zero contacted him about a mysterious woman called Flare, and that she nearly killed him he was intrigued as to who could best one of the most respected bounty hunters in the game. It all became apparent when he called him for help, and arriving on the battle scene she proceeded to torch him with her flamethrower, burning his uncle’s trench coat in the process; luckily he managed to take it off in time. The pyromaniac escaped, only to attack again a few weeks later, this time Zero mortally wounded her and seeing her weapon on the floor he quickly recalibrated the gas canister and gave her a taste of her own medicine, torching her alive. Both he and Zero fled the scene as Labtech marines homed in on their position.


It wasn’t until 3 months later that he found out she was NOT as dead as they thought and she was back stronger than ever.